Frequently Asked Questions

You can access the Terms & Conditions via this link:

All purchases done on the Stellar Edge Web Store ( ) can sometimes take up to 3 hours before they are applied on the server. You do not need to be online, but relogging can help if you have not yet received anything. eCheck and Bank transfer payments may take up to a week to process. Items will only be delivered if the payment has been accepted. And if after all this time you still did not get what you purchased, please use the ticket system on discord or ask our support team for help.

We accept the most used world currencies. You will notice that you can change the currency display at the top of any web store pages, and our Payment Gateways (PayPal and PaymentWall) will automatically do any currency exchanges during the payment process.

It happens. The Stellar Edge team is very understanding of these kinds of situations.Please contact us via our contact email : and we will do our best to solve this issue. Please note that it may take a few days for us to reply, depending on the demand. We will always respond to every demand.

No, for technical and fraud issues, accounts have to be unique. We do not offer this service and never will be.

Our payment gateway is PayPal, we are planning on expanding these.PayPal will allow you to purchase using either a PayPal account or by paying as a guest. You can pay using a credit card, or a bank account. A PayPal account is not required.

You can access all the cosmetics you bought via the “Starlinker” item, in your hotbar, slot 9. Once you are in the menu, select the item “Cosmetic”. Here you will have all the menus managing your cosmetics.For crates : access the “Starlinker item” item, in your hotbar, slot 9. Once you are in the menu, select the item “Crates”. In this menu click on the crates you have to open them and earn cosmetics.

Yes it is, for the moment the plugin managing the crate does not offer the possibility to cancel a reward if it has already been earned. We are trying to work toward an improved version of this plugin but we can’t guarantee it.

After having bought or won a bomb ingame, you will receive your bomb. To activate a bomb you have 2 options :Access the “Starlinker” item in your hotbar, slot 9. Once you are in the menu, select the item “Cosmetic”. Here you will have at the right the “Bombs” menu, click on it. You can then follow the instructions in the menu.

There are only 2 cases where we accept a potential refund:If the payment was made and that, for technical issues, we were not able at all to give your purchase. If you paid on the website and did not receive your purchase automatically, you are not able to ask for a refund until you contact the staff either by discord tickets or via our email : After being contacted, the staff member will try everything to give you access to your purchase. If it is completely impossible you will be eligible for a refund.If you are a parent with a child who purchased without your consent something in our store. In this case contact us via our email : And we will give you all the procedures to follow to get a refund.