Experience a unique adventure with a rich lore. After being framed by your militarist government, your jail vessel gets mysteriously attacked near the asteroid belt of the Strewwa system. Start a new life in the asteroid belt and discover the history of the belters and the impact of the war through more than 50 epic and unique quests.
More than 50 quest available and a unique random mission system
Discover the local lore via events occuring in mini-quests
Use the starlinker, a holographic bracelet to guide you in the belt

Weapons and gears

The belt is the new space far west and is a dangerous place. Collect and upgrade weapons, mods and armor with unique stats. Each weapon has a unique play style and adding mods will truly make one of them the weapon of your dreams.
Fight with melee weapons with unique abilities
Customise your weapon to fit your playstyle with modules
Fire unique weapon with each unique playstyles


The void of space is hard to navigate, that is why our team developed unique movements mechanics. In this vertical 3D map you will have to use a smart combination of a jetpack, a grappling and jump boots. They will also be a unique advantage in epic FPS fights
Do super jumps by double-spacing
Travel fast in the void by launching your grappling on asteroids
Thrust yourself up with a unique jetpack mechanic

Tech tree

Improving your weapon is a thing but what about your character ? A tech tree with multiple combinations and tiers will improve your movements, resistance and general stats. You are even able to unlock very unique variation of your movements such as a double-jump.


Space is a hostile place. You will have to manage your oxygen, prevent EMP damages or overheating of your suit. Out of environmental damages, terrifying drones and humans will want your death, be prepared to face those challenges!
Fight bugged murderous drones
Challenge yourself by trying to get rid of epic bosses
Survive in front of the belt bad guys